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Read: Genesis 3

I really hate the Devil. Do you? After only TWO days in Scripture and our study, perfection in the Garden is over! From here on out, God’s goodness will continue to show up. However, humanity will not experience perfection again until we see our Savior face to face.

Angie said it this way, “God, in his wisdom, had created the man and woman with the ability to choose whether or not to live in accordance with what he said was best for them. They opted out of that plan! They decided they wanted to have control more than love; knowledge more than relationship. They decided to trust themselves more than God and believed the lie that he was keeping something good away from them.”

Y’all, the idea of it breaks my heart every time I read it.

Journal: We’ve been talking about the Fall of man forever. We love to blame Adam and Eve for the loss of perfection and for the sin that entangles us as we live on this earth. But, we know the truth is that we were all doomed to make the same choice if we were in Eve’s place. In your journal, could you be honest about the places in your life where you are presently tempted to choose control over love or knowledge over relationship? This one will take some honesty. You can use this journal space to write & to close in prayer. I’ll start just so you have an idea:

God, I know that You would never withhold Your best from me. However, each and every day I’m tempted to try and control the actions of my children rather than to let go trusting that Your love will guide them just as it has always guided me. Every, single day, I’m tempted to let worry and stress over whether I’ve done enough to guide my children dictate the mood of my relationships rather than to rest in the truth of Your love for me and for them. I repent, God. Help me turn back to You.