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A Special Word of Thanks!

Join Us in Honoring Our Amazing Soul Sisters!

Today, let's come together to express our heartfelt gratitude for some extraordinary women who have served with unwavering dedication on the Soul Sisters Leadership Team and are now transitioning to new adventures.

A special thank you goes out to Hope Beach, Chris Baxter, and Madelaine Miller Looney , who have been the pillars of our Soul Sisters Prayer Team. Their commitment to uplifting the prayers of our community and their thoughtful follow-ups have left an indelible mark of love and support.

We also extend our deepest appreciation to Anne Marquardt Ayres, whose leadership in the On-land Soul Sisters groups, particularly in Sarasota, has been nothing short of amazing. She's the one who introduced us all to Snack and Smile Bags. Her passion for fostering local connections has been truly contagious.

To Hope, Chris, Madelaine, and Anne, your impact has been immeasurable, and we want you to know that your legacy lives on in the hearts of the Soul Sisters. We love you dearly and will continue to uplift you in our prayers, always.

Let's shower these incredible leaders with the love they deserve!  #SoulSisters #Gratitude #LeadershipLegacy


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