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The Savior's Story - Advent 2023

“The Savior’s Story”

Advent 2023

Thursday, December 28th


Open your time of devotion with the prayer below. Then, read “Your Story For God’s Glory", pages 76-79.

God, we humble ourselves in Your presence and ask that You’d open our eyes to see what You see for us. Open our ears to hear directly from You. Open our hearts so that we can be transformed by the beauty of JESUS! He is our Way, Truth, and Life. Although we aren’t waiting for a Savior like participants of the first Advent, we do eagerly anticipate what is coming this Advent season. With expectant hearts, we are asking You to come with power and cause the truth of Christ’s incarnation to renew our hearts with hope. We pray that hope will ignite a love within us that sends us into our communities with purpose and meaning. Let the pure joy of this season reign completely and let peace be the fruit of Your presence. Change us from the inside out. We give you our time and attention, because You are so worthy. Amen.


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