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The Savior’s Story - Advent 2023

“The Savior’s Story”

Advent 2023

Friday, December 1st

Oh, friends, I am so excited about our upcoming Advent study. What a special time of year!

I was reading about Advent yesterday in an article written by The BibleProject. Read a portion of their description,

"Advent is a four-week season in the Church calendar dedicated to anticipating the arrival, or "advent" of Jesus of Nazareth, the long-awaited Messiah and King. Christians from many backgrounds celebrate this time with reflections on hope, peace, love, and joy. And while their practices may look different, all focus on the hope-filled arrival of Jesus."

How marvelous!

How wonderful!

Christians across the globe celebrate Advent together. We wait expectantly for Christmas Day and the reminder of our Savior who came to rescue us long ago just as we wait expectantly for the day He comes for us again.

As an online community, we will celebrate together through our study of "A Savior's Story." We will follow this beautiful guide exactly throughout the month. On this page, Dayna, Missy, and I will post the reading assignments each day along with our Advent prayer (it will be the same every day). That is it! The rest will be between you and Jesus as you reflect on His story and your story each day.

Of course, we would LOVE to hear from you. The comments sections under each post is the perfect place to share your thoughts and read the thoughts of others. If we were sitting face to face, we'd certainly communicate about all we're learning. Why not do some of that here. Your leadership team doesn't require that of anyone, though. We trust that God is working mightily in every, single life. We don't have to hear all the details of that.

If you have your book, you'll see that the first day of study is Sunday, December 3rd. Feel free to dig into your book today just to be ready for Sunday. You'll have pages in the book each weekend of our study, but we will not post here. Today, I just want to make you aware that Advent does begin on Sunday.

I'll see you back here on Monday morning with a heart ready to celebrate "The Savior's Story."

God, we humble ourselves in Your presence and ask that You’d open our eyes to see what You see for us. Open our ears to hear directly from You. Open our hearts so that we can be transformed by the beauty of JESUS! He is our Way, Truth, and Life. Although we aren’t waiting for a Savior like participants of the first Advent, we do eagerly anticipate what is coming this Advent season. With expectant hearts, we are asking You to come with power and cause the truth of Christ’s incarnation to renew our hearts with hope. We pray that hope will ignite a love within us that sends us into our communities with purpose and meaning. Let the pure joy of this season reign completely and let peace be the fruit of Your presence. Change us from the inside out. We give you our time and attention, because You are so worthy. Amen.

**Purchase your PDF copy of “The Savior’s Story” --

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