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"Looking for Lovely"

Ladies, I could not be more excited about this summer of study that is ahead of us. I love all our studies. But, for me, there is something special about summer book club. I enjoy having an actual book to hold in my hands, the laid-back nature of our summer pace, and mixing Scripture with our book for added content. My favorite part of the whole deal, though, is getting to know a new personality and experiencing her writing. I think you’re going to love Annie Downs as much as I do.

Without any more introduction I invite you to curl up in a cozy spot, grab a cup of coffee or your preferred drink, and read the Introduction of Looking for Lovely. Enjoy!

There’s a TON I want to say, and I would love to say it face to face. I want to sit across from you in a coffee shop, on the beach, or in my living room. But, I can’t. At least not with all of you. This little Facebook space is the space we have. I am praying we will use it fully this summer. Please, share with us!

When you read something in the book that is meaningful to you, share it with us in the comments section.

If you read another person’s comment and your heart screams a giant, “Me too!” share that with her in a response.

As scripture passages come to your memory because of a story Annie tells share those with us.

This is our book club community! I’m praying God does big, big things right here this summer.

I’ll close today with a prayer that is actually adapted straight from Annie’s words on page 9,

God, help us look for the lovely all around us and cause us to collect it, hold it close, and see how You drop beautiful things into our lives at just the right time to help us step forward on our own, individual paths. Amen.

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