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Made For This -- "Threads of People"

Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of fitnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1

Please read pages 171 through 173 in your book, Made For This.

I'm experiencing one of those moments where I'd really love to sit with all of you and hear your initial thoughts after reading the pages of this section. Jennie said so many things that made me sigh, think, and highlight....

If we're honest, it's costly to love people. (171)

We have to become intentional with our people. (171)

If I can see that I am completely messed up and that God rescued and saved me from myself, and not because I did anything or deserved it, then there is freedom in my life to issue that same grace to everybody else. (172)

We keep running together even though we hurt one another we must run imperfectly together. (172)

Joseph stuck it out with his awful people! (173)

We have to pick our people and commit to them, expecting they will hurt us but not giving up easily on them when they do. (173)

After reading those statements, I just want to be able to sit and hear what you think about these ideas. How have the people in your life led you to Jesus? How have you led the people in your life to Jesus? And, have you allowed people into your life that have access to the deep parts of your life?

I know it's tough. But, God gave us relationship, and they're meant to help us grow. We are meant to help others grow.

So, as you spend time in pages 174 and 175, begin thinking about the people in your life that NEED you. Who are you in intentional relationship with so that you can show them Jesus. I believe we all need a group of friends that causes us to think outside of ourselves. With them, we are always thinking of how we can be Jesus to them.

Who is in your life that you need? Who have you intentionally looked for to answer life's questions, to speak life for you, and to guide you through difficulty. This life is hard. God is willing and ready to answer your deepest questions and love you through your darkest pains. But, He's often chosen to allow other people to be the ones to demonstrate His love, His answers, and His care.

I'm going to stop talking right now and leave you with your questions (pages 174-175.) Don't rush! Really think about key relationships. How have they been helpful? How have they comforted? And, how have they pushed you into something new, difficult, or life-changing.

What is God showing in the story, in the study, and through your people. Do you need more people in your life? Why don't we pray about that today. Let's ask God to show us if we need to be mentoring more people OR if we need to be mentored by people.

We were created by a relational God, and we were made in His image. That means, we must be relational. That's a blessing.

God, thank you for the people you've placed in our lives. I've been mentored by some pretty amazing people, AND I've been the one to invest in a life which has also been a blessing. Today, my prayer is that You'll be specific with each one of us. Show us how to be intentional in relationship. We weren't made for isolation. If we've drifted away from people during the pandemic, show us how to change that.

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