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Made For This -- Natural Abilities & Spiritual Gifts

First of all, thank you to our guest writers last week. My family has the opportunity to join family friends on vacation in GA. Our days were full of tubing, rafting, shopping, Nerf gun wars, and more tubing and rafting (vacationing with teenage boys isn’t necessarily restful). I read our daily devotion, but it was a big relief to not have to write out posts. Thank you, ladies.

Today, please read pages 138 through 141 in “Made For This,” and spend some time of focus in the inventory section.

Today is a day for some positive reflecting. What do you love to do? And, how do those things line up with your apparent giftings? This is a fun day. Don’t overthink, just answer.

For further reading, look at Romans 12, Ephesians 4, and 1 Peter 4. Read and respond to the questions on pages 142 and 143.

As a bonus today, I want to share a podcast with you that I feel lines up with today’s material. I believe this conversation will help us all ask ourselves some meaningful questions.

Jesus, we know you made us for a Purpose. We’ve been gifted for that purpose, and we probably even enjoy it a good bit. Pull the pieces together in our minds as we focus on you. Help us to see and recognize the threads in a way that gives direction.

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