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Free to Love, Day 5

Friday, August 25th


Thank you Soul Sisters for taking this journey with me this week. My prayer is that each one of us has "come to know and believes the love that God has for us" (1 John 4:16)! His love sets us FREE!


Today, we will consider the questions at the end of the chapter. Take time to read back over scripture from the week and notes from the chapter while answering these questions for self discovery.


1. Are there ways you’ve been resistant to love? Do you push back against the love of your spouse, your friends, your children, or God? Why?

2. When I (Rebekah) asked God to show me how to love more, He revealed to me the sins that were holding my heart captive -- sins of anger, unforgiveness, and bitterness -- sins I needed to confess. What might you need to confess so that God can set you free to love?

3. Ask God to teach you how to give in to love, how to accept His love and the love of others. Ask Him to show you all the people who love you, and all the ways they try to express their love.

4. Pray this prayer: Jesus, show me all the ways You love me. Teach me to receive this love so that I can accept the love of others. Teach me how to return this love to my husband, my family, and my friends.


Dear Lord,

Open our minds and hearts to this truth every day: "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us" (1 John 3:16). Again and again we thank You for Your passionate pursuit for us that cost Your life; there is no greater love! Continue to reveal it to us in Your intimate and intentional ways. You know our frame, Lord Jesus; we need Your reminders daily and often. May the love You give to us through Your word, your Spirit, and Your works be the catalyst of change in our own hearts that then pours out to those relationships in our lives, both easy and difficult. Your love conquers all. With You nothing is impossible. Your Spirit is the holy power which works mightily through us. We ask these things in your Name. Amen.



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