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Made For This -- "Threads of Places"

The LORD was with Joseph so that he prospered, and he lived in the house of the Egyptian master. Genesis 39:2


Please read pages 158 through 161 in Made For This. 

I love the story of Joseph so much. I don't think there's another story that illustrates God's sovereignty so clearly for me. God has a plan, and He is in control. But, Joseph had to play his part.


For the past two days, we've talked about the threads of suffering in our lives. I don't think a single one of us would struggle to list a few of these threads. I'm praying that the exercises we've done to reflect and respond have given us new perspective to take those memories, allow God to heal, and move forward in the strength that we gain from them. 


Today, we get to look at all of the places we live, serve, and work in. I'm going to leave the introduction of this idea to Jennie, because I believe our pages today give such a great introduction. 


Now, spend some time on pages 162 through 164 for response and reflection.


Ladies, we really don't need to overanalyze our places of ministry. Where are you right now? Our homes, our places of business, our schools, our churches, our local grocery story, and any other place where we often visit can be (and probably ought to be) our mission fields. God will use the threads of people, of joys, and of sufferings in each of our places to glorify Himself and call others to Christ. AMEN! I want to be a part of that. 


Earlier in the pandemic, my husband was working on a project that required several trips to Home Depot. He was in and out more times than he wanted to be one day. When I got home, he told me about a trip earlier in the day. He walked into Home Depot and saw a lady at the first cash register. He smiled at her quickly and was on his way in. She paused for a minute, smiled really big, and said, "THANK YOU FOR SMILING AT ME! That made my day." She went on to explain to Scotty that people had been so rude and mean that day. His smile literally turned her day around, and Scotty was thrilled to bring her a little joy. 


We can really overthink our places, right? Any place we are in can be places where God's will is done and His light is shown. I challenge you today to MOVE and DO in your places.


Rather than overthink, let's just do the kind thing, or gracious thing, or GIANT thing that seems insignificant. God will use our places, ladies. We just have to remember to give them over to Him. 


Jesus, highlight the things You want us to do today. Give us supernatural courage to step into our callings right where we are. Help us to see and understand the magnitude of any and every word, dee, and action when they're done in surrender to You and Your way.



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