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Made For This -- "Threads of Suffering"

We boast in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance: perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5: 2-4


Please read pages 144 through 147 in Made For This.


Ladies, I've started and restarted this writing several times. I just can't figure out what I should say/not say.


Sufferings are a difficult topic. None of us want to suffer. Yet, God's Word tells us over and over that we join Jesus in our suffering. It IS part of this earthly life.


Yesterday, I had a rough day. It seemed like a lot of different things were piling up, and the load was heavy. Driving home, I realized that I was experiencing spiritual warfare. So, I did something I don't do. I asked for help on my Facebook feed. I asked for believers to FIGHT on behalf of my family. I'm a little bit of a competitor when it comes to Satan. If he starts a fight with me or someone I love, I'm kind of determined that he wishes he never had.


What happened after I hit "post" is still kind of shocking. The comments and prayers started rolling in. My phone blew up with people who sent prayers straight to me. I couldn't stop crying because so many people cared for our family. I think I was also emotional trying to imagine what was going on in the heavenliness. With that many people fighting in prayer, I believe it had to be something to watch.


I know we all want pretty lives. I understand it would just be easier if there were steps we could follow to achieve the easy life. It just wasn't the plan. On page 146, Jennie said,


Something about us needs to long for heaven. When everything is right and everything works, be honest - we don't long for heaven or for God. We just don't.


So, we suffer so that we will long to be home with Jesus. But, we also suffer so that we can encourage others that suffer. The people that chose to enter into my fight today gave my hope. They showed me that suffering does produce perseverance and perseverance will bring about character and hope.


I so want to be able to provide this kind of hope to as many people as possible. It motivates me to do the hard work of dealing with and healing from my own suffering. Stuffing just doesn't produce the good fruit that healing produces. And, I want the good stuff.


On pages 148 through 150, we have the opportunity to begin the good work of healing. Let's spend some time letting Jesus begin the healing process in our lives. Remember, hope will never disappoint. Our circumstances might, but our Redeemer never will.


Jesus, we need you today. If we are going back to the places of hurt and suffering, we need you to lead us, carry us, and protect us from further damage. We open our hands in surrender. We don't want to hold on to these hurts anymore. I pray that today is the day of salvation and healing. In Your mighty and precious name, I pray that our Enemy loses much ground today. I know these won't be quick battles, so give us strength to commit to whatever it takes to be free, healed, and whole. Goodness, this world needs to see some healthy Jesus followers, and we want them to see that in us.



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