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Made For This -- "The Project"

Joseph had a dream.  Genesis 37:5


Please read pages 107 through 111 of Made For This


On page 110, Jennie said, we are about to transcend the realm of comfortable reading. I had already warned you of this fact. She followed the generalities of my warnings with, All journeys have a cost. The path to our purpose here is rarely built comfortably. So are you restless enough to go here? Are you hungry enough to do the work?


Here's what I know: Everyone reading this will fall into one of three categories. Some of you have lived your own Joseph story. You know that God works for good even the things that were intended for evil, because you've seen Him do it in your own life. Yay! Please be ready to share regularly. We need the encouragement of your testimony (Revelation 12:12)


Others have experienced difficulties like Joseph. Like Joseph, you didn't ask for them or deserve them. Unlike Joseph, though, you're struggling to see the purpose. Maybe you've tried to surrender it to the Lord and allow Him to bring healing and purpose, but you CAN NOT get over it. Ladies, I want you to imagine that I've pulled my little chair right up in front of you. We are now staring eyeball to eyeball. Don't mind the mask, and if we weren't in the middle of the pandemic, I would grab hold of you and hug you while saying, I get it! It should not have happened the way that it did. Would you give it one more try, though. What if THIS STUDY is the one that God will use to break you free. Wouldn't that be a worthy cost?


Finally, some of you haven't endured the difficulty of life altering hardship. That's OK. Please don't feel guilt. Give God thanks and praise. Use your reading time to pray for the ladies in your life that have experienced debilitating pain in relationships that they can't seem to experience victory over. While you're at it, take in the stories that you hear and use the knowledge to prepare your heart IF there's a difficulty in your future that you can't see coming. Chip Henderson at Pinelake Church in Brandon says, God works upstream. He absolutely does. This study could be your prep work. Don't be scared! If God allows a difficulty to fall on the ones that He loves, there's good that can come of it. Your Savior will make sure of it!


Now, continue your time alone by completing pages 112 and 113. This is important work. 


God, thank you for authors like Jennie that take us to counseling whether we want to pay for it or not. The road ahead will be just that only You will be our Counselor. What a gift! Through the Holy Spirit, God, I believe You are going to bring healing, redemption, and purpose. Our Enemy is going to wish He never messed with a single one of when you're done. While that sounds awesome, it's going to be messy. Don't let us quit. Don't let us give up. Don't let us say, "this is too hard." All things are possible with You, so that must include finding freedom for the hurt of abuse, betrayal, brokenness, and all sorts of sin. We are excited about what You'll do through the remaining days of our study. 



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