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Made For This -- "The Process"

Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so man?  John 6:9


Please read all of Day 15 from Made For This (pages 101 through 106). 


This is where we begin to go deep, sisters. Jennie Allen is going to lead us through our life and scripture in a way that will cause us to piece together the different threads that make up our story. As we wrap up this week, let's intentionally move slowly through the reading, the questions, and our passage of scripture. Let's ask God to begin a healing work, a redemptive work, and a meaningful work. 


Then, either today or over the weekend, I want to encourage you to listen to this podcast. Jennie Allen has a podcast called Made For This. Every, single episode in every, single season has been amazing. This week, though, she interviewed Katie Davis Majors, the author of Kisses from Katie, who was mentioned very early in our study. I think you'll enjoy hearing this perspective, and I also believe there are truths shared that could be very important in this leg of our journey. 


Hey.... I'm praying for us. This is important work we are doing. This is sacred work. We are God's creation, His masterpiece, and He has plans for us. I believe it is a delight to Him when we pause to know ourselves better for the purpose of displaying Him more clearly. 


You hear our hearts, God. Do a work that only You could do, and we promise to give You all of the honor. Amen. 



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