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Made For This -- Four Starting Places

July 9, 2020

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. Ecc. 3:1


Ladies, I feel led to begin a little differently today. I believe this is a pivotal day for us, so I’d like to begin with prayer.


God, You know our hearts. You know where we are. And, You know where You’d like for us to go. Today, we’re being asked to honestly assess where we are. I’m asking that You’ll give us the time and focus to sit with you in search of truth. Lead each one of us to hear Your direction for the remaining portion of this study.


Please read pages 91 through 95 in Made For This.


Wow! What a clear description of the four different places we could be on our journey. It’s important for me that you know I understand we are all on different paths and journeys. The same Holy Spirit lives in all of us as believers, but the journey God has mapped out for us will look different. I believe that’s where we’ve gotten pretty tripped up as the Body. We keep wanting to look to the right or to the left for the purpose of either “policing” what the rest of the Body is doing OR comparing ourselves against what others do. As Bob Goff very whimsically says, “We need to keep our eyes on our own paper.”


Are you feeling comfortable or thirsty? Are you running free or at the starting line? I had a little trouble choosing where I am until I looked at the questions I might be asking myself. That was telling for me. Maybe those questions will be helpful for you too. If you’re still having trouble, maybe you could find time to sit with a friend or too and talk it out with people who love you and see your life daily. Inviting others into this journey may be your next best step.


I’ll share with you that I am thirsty. The sign was the question, “is it wrong to ask for me?” I just grew up understanding that the holiest of all perspectives is contentment. There’s a place for it, sure! In my own life, though, I’ve called complacency contentment and given myself an excuse to settle into comfort and even reprimand myself for wanting to peer out of it. Goodness, why am I so quick to think that my GIANT God could be out-dreamed by little ole me. Hilarious!


What about you? Do you feel comfortable sharing with us? If not here, I pray you’ll share with someone close to you. No matter where we are individually, let’s all commit together to pursue the next leg of the journey with hearts set on God and His way. My heart is telling me that it’s time for God’s women to pursue His path with boldness. He has something for each of us to do, and I just don’t think any of us wants to miss it.


Continue in your time with Jesus this morning by reading and responding to the guide on pages 96 through 98.



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