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Made For This -- What We Know & What We Can't Know


Do not neglect the gift you have. 1 Timothy 4: 14


Please read pages 85 through 88 in Made for This. 

Oh how I love Jennie's story with Anne and Matt! The possibility of sitting in a car with a precious lady after Bible study, hearing her story, and sharing a "next step" that turns into a career and marriage is LIFE to me. Playing a small part in someone else's story is what my dreams are made of. But, there's no way any of them would have know that a small conversation would be life changing for Anne. 

On page 88, Jennie said, "There is only so much we can know, but we can leave the stuff we can't know to God and believe He has it all worked out." Amen! Our part is trust, and our part is action.


I want to take just a moment and beat a drum that I will always beat, because it's important. As Jennie talked about spending the time and energy to understand ourselves, I had an overwhelming feeling that there are some in our group that have run from knowing and understanding themselves for a lot of years. Maybe it's just been easier to focus on others rather than deal with the stuff inside. I know that our stories are filled with all sorts of messiness. Today's reading gives us permission to focus on ourselves for healing so that we can focus on others with purpose. Sometimes, we just need help for this. 


Yes. Here it is. This is my first (maybe only) shameless plug for therapists everywhere. We need their help. I listen to a lot of people in ministry. I can say with certainty that the ones that speak the most clearly and the most passionately about Jesus always share about a time or season in counseling. Sometimes, it's just a necessary step towards our purpose. There will be parts of our stories that we can understand and there will be parts (probably a lot) that we simply can't understand. That is where we trust. 


I agree with the statement, "we can't help anyone else until we understand ourselves better." If God is urging you to make the move, take the next step, and get to a place of healthy and healing with help from a specialist, do it today. I could be just as significant as Jennie sending Anne to Lost Valley Ranch. We can never underestimate what could happen when we live in full obedience to Christ. 


Now, read and reflect on pages 89 and 90. The scripture passage is short (1 Timothy 4: 14-16), so look it up in several translations and really ponder your answers to our questions.



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