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Made For This -- Embracing Uncertainties

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. 

1 Corinthians 2:9


Please read pages 78 through 82 in Made For This.


I've had a lot of thought lately about some of the things Jennie has written about today. I've been thinking about my own personal mission to follow Jesus fully since I entered adulthood. At every stage, I've wished that God would just speak audibly to me and tell me what to do. As you might have guessed, He never did. Uncertainty marked every change in season. It wasn't until I could look back at a choice, a decision, or a move that I'd see God's hand leading and guiding. If I could talk to that younger me, I'd remind her that any and every action motivated by love for God and love for others is filled with purpose.


Praying over babies while rocking them in the middle of the night is holy ground.... and so is folding their little clothes and wiping their snotty noses. 


Holding hands with my little crew and praying over dinner was a sacred act..... and so was fixing that dinner and washing the dishes with a happy heart.


Huddling up with some little basketball players, looking them in the eyes and telling them Jesus loves them and so do I was a beautiful display of the Gospel of Christ..... and so was packing up all that preschool gear and driving all over Jackson, MS to get there. 


Could there even be a small assignment from the Lord? God has literally invited us to join Him in displaying His glory in the world? I don't care how He allows me to do it, I'm just glad I get to participate. 


See, I'm convinced it's only our human nature that wants to determine big and small, important and unimportant, or holy and unholy. We do that! Then, we try to make the JOB the most important thing. Ladies, what is something you know FOR CERTAIN God has called you to do that you can do anywhere, in any job, through any platform. THAT'S what you were made for. 


Believe me, I'm asking myself the same questions. I'm going to spend some time answering this question while I read and respond to pages 83 through 84. In the comments, please share something that God has revealed to you today. I'm looking forward to prayerfully considering these questions for myself and hearing from each of you. 


God, we get all caught up in stay or go?, big or small?, calling or vocation?. You have commanded that whatever we do, we do it as unto You. That's our simple prayer today. Whatever task we are doing, help us work as unto You. We get to glorify You on this earth. Help us to do it fully and naturally.



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