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Made For This -- "Anything For His Glory?


Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world. John 17:24


Please read "Anything For His Glory" in Made For This (pages 25-28).


What do I want most?


Jennie asked that question right off the bat today, and it stopped me in my tracks. I know what I want to want. But, do I really desire those things. Jesus was clear. He wanted God’s glory. He wanted to make His Father known.


Unfortunately, we have a lot of things distracting us from that purpose today. Some of those things could actually be labeled as good things. But, if good things are distracting us from glorifying God in all that we think, say, and do, are they really good?


Is it possible that good things have caused us to remain stuck in religion and miss relationship?


Could our need to do the kind and good thing no matter the cost be what’s keeping us bound in hurtful and painful patterns, because we are more focused on making people happy than pleasing God?


Are we missing out on freedom and purpose because we need to make things look good even if all manner of sickness brews just below the surface?


Have we simply settled for good enough?


Jesus prayed for US in John 17, and He asked God to make us ONE. He asked that God would draw us into the unified relationship that They had together. WOW! Yes, please. That’s what I want.


Ladies, there is risk involved in giving up the obstacles that stand in the way of that kind of unity. It’s going to require genuine faith and trust. I love that Jennie pointed out the next generation is forcing us to seek that kind of true faith. I’ve listened to far too many people wring their hands over “today’s youth.” It’s true that they are struggling in ways that we never did, but they’re also demonstrating and absolute disgust for anything fake or routine. Is it wrong that I’m excited about that?


I see God doing a new thing. I see that He desires true intimacy with His children so much that He’s allowed a growing dissatisfaction with anything that isn’t real. Ladies, we have the great honor and privilege to take them to Jesus…. The real Jesus that’s invited us into an adventure. First, we'll have to risk it all to follow Him ourselves.


I’m! In!! Who’s with me?


Take some time to read and respond to the questions and reading on pages 29 and 30. Spend some time journaling your thoughts on John 17. He’s so good, y’all. I’m getting really excited about the plans He has for us.


Heavenly Father, I’m asking you again to DISTURB us. We need it. I’m asking that You’d cause us to notice all the ways we’ve tried to make following You easy, routine, or fake. We want, NO, we need the real thing. I’m praying for all of us that today would be the day we wake up to new LIFE in You and that we’d be excited about it. Goodness, I just know our world would be delighted to see some Jesus followers happy (full of joy) about following Jesus. We want to be the ones to show them.



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