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Made For This -- 40 Days of Purpose

"Whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ." Philippians 3:7


Please read "What is Your Anything" in Made For This (pages 9 - 13).


Wow! Day 1 was STRONG, ladies. I think I felt butterflies in my stomach all day. I kept having this feeling that God is up to something BIG. And, I'd feel the urge throughout the day to ask Him again for courage to pray anything. I just don't want to miss out. On that note, I'm sharing this song again today and asking you to make your summer theme song. I just want to be brave!


I also think this is a great spot for me to give you a suggestion. This is a suggestion I give to ladies in my Bible studies. It's a recommendation I've given to high schools students. This summer, I urged my 17-year-old to speak these words.... "God, help me to WANT to......" If you read yesterday's chapter and felt a little uneasy praying anything, I want to ask you to start with a different prayer. Ask God to make you WANT to pray anything. Because the truth is we always do the things we want to do. 


From the pages you read, where do you need to make an adjustment.... following Christ for real, praying for all things, listening to God speak (in Spirit and in Truth), finding other bold believers to journey with, or obeying the steps He's given? Whatever is the next step, today is the day! Take your next bold step. It doesn't have to be huge. It just has to be obedient. 


Now, complete pages 14, 15, and 16 in your book. As you reflect, consider sharing with us your challenges today. How can we pray for you as you start this journey?


Heavenly Father, we WANT to want your way. We may need an extra dose of Your courage to get started today. As we step into this Tuesday, I'm asking that You bring to our attention brave and bold stories from the people in our lives. Cause us to hear Your activity in the lives of other believers in ways that build our faith. I know that You are doing an exciting new thing, and we just don't want to miss out. Disturb us, Father. Make us restless in the comfortable spaces we've carved out in ways that make us desire the JOY of following You fully. 


For those that don't have the book yet....


Why would you pray anything? Is God worth it to you?


When you think about what your anything is, where do you feel your heart taking you? What scares you most and makes you most excited? List these things and pray through them in reflection. 


When you think about praying your own anything, what is the most difficult thing to release control of to God, to lift up to Him?


There is a temptation to think surrender should look like the radical, crazy, stuff everyone can see. What small, quiet, step is God calling you to right now?


If God actually told you what He wanted you to do, would you be afraid to do it? How do you imagine this will work itself out in your everyday and ordinary moments? 


We have no idea how our small acts of obedience impact others. Some of our anythings feel flashy and fancy, but most fall in secret places. And that throws us. We think we need to do something grand to prove our surrender. But God is so pleased with the times of prayer and obedience that happen in secret. "Your Father who see in secret will reward you." (Matt. 6:4)


Get an hour alone and journal. Can you pray anything? 

Do it today. Don't wait.


Write it out, tear it out, and share it with the people closest to you. Take a photo and mark the decision. This is your turning point. 


Read Philippians 3: 7-11 and answer these questions:


Who are you, Lord?

What do You want for me?



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