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Forty Days of Praise: One Who Surprises

April 21, 2020

“Great are the works of the Lord, they are studied by all who delight in them”. Psalm 111:2


My heart delights in the fact that our God who surprised his people in the biblical days is the same God who surprises his people today. In the Heartbeat of God (page 105), Chris Baxter highlights some of the timeless surprises that we can reflect on and be joyous in as we stand in awe and give praise to the One Who Surprises…...


“Abraham was surprised by the ram caught in the bush. Pharaoh’s daughter was surprised by the baby in the blanket among the reeds. And the people of Israel were surprised by the thin flakes like frost that appeared on the dessert floor. Also, Naomi was surprised by her kinsman-redeemer. King Nebuchadnezzar was surprised by the fourth man in the fire. And the shepherds were surprised by the great company of the heavenly hosts that brought the message of the Messiah.”


Nobody loves a GOOD surprise more than me!! That feeling of getting (or giving) something that would never be expected is such an exhilarating feeling. My heart races thinking of God’s surprises from the past and how he continues surprising us today. He is such a GOOD, GOOD Father who delights in us and surprises us with his love in amazing ways.


One thing that God laid heavy on my heart today is how He desires for us to be obedient and grow deeper in our relationship with him so we don’t miss out on seeing the surprises and goodness he provides. An example of this is abiding in Him, being obedient to a calling and taking steps forward in faith in the time of uncertainty and not knowing what to do next. Do what God says….JUST DO IT! You may experience a surprise along the way.  Maybe a person felt called to sew masks during the COVID pandemic but didn’t know where they were going to get all the material and then they suddenly realized they had a bag of old shirts and pants (with elastic in the waist) that they were planning to donate.  Surprise….they got just what they needed plus more! Another example- Perhaps the person who volunteered to make food for healthcare providers ran out of what they needed to prepare the meal; then, just in time, the ingredients appeared from a neighbor; or they found the ingredients hidden in the pantry. Surprise!! It all came to together. Could it be that you experienced a time where God made something out of what you thought was nothing, much like the story of God turning water into wine? SURPRISE! God had you covered and turned your situation into something better than you would have even asked for. When you are following his will and praying over your next steps, be looking for the One Who Surprises to show up.


What about you? What surprises from the Old or New Testament, or from life today make you see that God is truly the One Who Surprises AND points you to the greatest Surprise of all – Jesus, our Savior?


For further reading: Genesis 22:13; Exodus 2:5; Exodus 16:4; Ruth 2:20; Daniel 3:25; Luke 2:13


God, You are the One Who Surprises. I delight in your breath-taking wonders and your day-to-day surprises that reveal your presence and desire for us to walk closely in faith. My heart races knowing you have goodness and joy in store for us. Let me walk in your ways and keep my eyes wide-open so I don’t miss all the surprises you want to reveal to me and share with others. You are so GOOD to us and I am thankful for all of your surprises- big and small.

In your son’s name I pray. Amen.




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