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Forty Days of Praise: Master Architect

March 31, 2020

Tuesday, March 31

Master Architect


"For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God." Hebrews 3:4


Heartbeat of God, page 81


What do you and the Garden of Eden have in common? The same God that planned and designed the very beginning of time planned and designed you! He is the Master Architect who has a purpose for his creations and completes his desires just as he intended.


Most of us have struggled at some point in our lives about how we were made. Maybe the discontent has been with your physical traits, genetic dispositions, culture, traumatic past, experiences, emotions, etc. More than likely, you have something about you that you wish would be different. But, when we turn to the Master Architect’s plans (His Word) we can see that He made you just like he intended and all for a purpose (Acts 17:26; Isaiah 44:2; Psalm 139:16) The blue print isn’t wrong!!


God marked everything out about your life. All the traits, qualities and experiences were placed in you and for you because he is going to use them as a part of his master plan. Everything about you is indispensable to your life purpose and will be valuable to you (or others in the world) at some point in your life.


He placed everything in you that he would need to make a difference in the lives of others (1 Peter 4:10-11) and bring others closer to him. What he placed in you may be useful for- taking care of the sick, elderly and those in need, solving issues in education, improving communication, assisting the homeless, creating advancements in technology, providing support and inspiration to others, and his list goes on. We must trust in his timing and be ready to serve, day or night, in the present or the future. Maybe he is using you now during the Coronavirus pandemic in some way. There are new stories popping up everyday of how people are making a difference in our world during this time!! Pray that whenever he calls you, you will hear and obey his direction that is specific to you.


Today, instead of reflecting on the things about you that you want changed, let’s praise the Master Architect who designed us just perfectly on purpose. And, let’s stand ready to use our unique qualities all for his purpose and glory.


For further reading: 1 Chronicles 28:19; Hebrews 8:1-5; 1 Corinthians 2:9; Hebrews 11:10


God, You are the Master Architect. I praise you and trust in you as I know that you already have a plan for how you are going to use everything and everyone you design, including me. Forgive me for the times I think I have imperfections. All that you create is good and right. Use me and let me become who I need to become, not who I think I want to become. Let your master plan and heart’s desires be my heart’s desires. I pray this in your son’s name. Amen



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