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Forty Days of Praise: God of Wonders

March 18, 2020

Oh give thanks to the Lord, call upon His name; make known His deeds among the peoples. Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; speak of all His wonders. 1 Chronicles 16:8-9


Heartbeat of God, page 155


In our header verse God gives us some instructions to follow concerning His wonderful works:


we are to give thanks,

we are to call upon His name,

we are to make known His deeds,

we are to sing praises, and

we are to speak of all His wonders.


Today, let's simply obey His word. Instead of allowing our minds to enter into and dwell on this current world-wide panic, let's stop and refocus our gaze on the Lord. What are things in His creation (or in your own personal life) that you consider a wonderful work of God? The list is limitless for both of us. Here are a few topics to get your mind going:


a wonder in His vast creation

a wonder in a miraculous healing

a wonder in a "chance" meeting

a wonder in a person's unique gifting

a wonder in a new believer.


After lots of thinking, I have picked the wonder of God's...sunrise.


Since the beginning of creation, the sun has "risen in the east and set in the west." The radiance and consistency of God's sun declares His beautiful faithfulness on the behalf of His people.


The thing is, when we stop and consider the wonders in His world, it will all too often lead us to think about the wonders in His word. For example, the rising of the sun helps me to remember the rising of the Son! Jesus broke through the darkest of dark and He consistently brings light to my sometimes very weary soul each new day--now that is a wonder all on it's own!


Today, let's refix our gaze. Let's turn from diseased-ridden thoughts to God of Wonder praise. Pick something to speak or sing about and make it known to us on Soul Sisters or to a friend face to face. What in God's world amazes you? Or, has He performed a "wonder" in your life that you can share with thanksgiving? Who knows, our voluntary praise to the God-who-is-in-control may just be a contributing factor in snuffing out the evil in this world.


So friends, allow the Son to rise today... through you.


For further reading: Lamentations 3:22-24; Psalm 33:6-9; Job 37:14; Psalm 1:3; Philippians 2:15; Matthew 7:24-27; Psalm 111:2-4


God, You are the God of Wonders. You are wonderful in Your works and You are wonderful in Your word! Show us how these two things intermingle so that Your creation speaks truths to our hearts. Awaken our sleepy eyes to the things around us that are truly amazing. Stir our forgetful minds to remember marvelous things You have done for us in our personal lives. As a result, may we each praise You with a new song in our soul. Great are You Lord! Amen.



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