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Forty Days of Praise: One Who Calms

March 9, 2020

And He got up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea.”be still.” Mark 4:39


It’s so easy to get caught up in ourselves, isn't it? I cannot count the number of times I have just been in a tailspin worrying over someone or some situation. I desperately want to fix whatever it is and have calm in my life. I think we all much prefer all the be” right” in our little piece of the world rather than have things out of control. Apparently the disciples did as well. In the focus verse they were in a panic because the storm threatened to destroy them all. Their’s was a physical storm, but storms come in other forms.


Think about the storms in your life - the situations that cause you anxiety. Whatever the difficulty is we have two options: 1.we can worry and assume Jesus no longer cares or, 2. we can resist fear and put our trust in Jesus. As a friend of mine has said, worry don't pray or pray don't worry. Simply put yet hard to surrender, right?? Once again this brings us right back to the feet of Jesus. He is the orchestrator of all. He and only He can control it all. We need to come to Him, confess our fears and our need for Him then TRUST Him to care for us . Praise Him today for the fact that He can do what you cannot. In fact, He can do what you cannot even imagine. That’s pretty awesome when we think about it. So I come to You, and “I pour out my complaint before You and tell You all my trouble;” for You are my safe place (Psalm 142:2) .


Remember, He is at work right now in each one of our lives. He is all- knowing, capable, and strong. Bring your troubles to His feet and let go of them.


For further reading: Psalm 142:2; John 20:19-22; Isaiah 26:3; Psalm 46:10


God, You are the One who calms. You are in our midst and we praise you for this. Please breath Your peace into us so our hearts can rest in You. Calm our spirits in only a way You can. We admit we tend to worry and not pray far to often. Please redirect us towards You. Let us surrender the problem to the One who can actually do something about it. Keep us in that perfect peace You offer keep and our minds stayed onYou. Help us to put our trust in You, sweet Jesus. Amen



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