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Forty Days of Prayer: Day 26

February 10, 2020

Job 42:5


"My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you." 


What a powerful statement this focus verse is. Prior to this statement, Job was quoting the Lord's earlier questions to Him. In Job 42:2-4 he openly and honestly faced God and admitted the he was the one who had been foolish. He finally (after 41 chapters of life in the Bible) got to a place of true humility.


Like all humans, Job didn't know what God knows. He was unable to see what was going on "behind the scenes" and unable to have a total understanding of what God does or why God allows what He does. He had a bevy of friends, much like us, who pontificated on why things in his life were the way they were. Wow-I can see myself here! The hours I've sat and put my best logic to work on why things have happened and how they can be rectified and all the while, not knowing the full story. I have been that friend that didn't agree or appreciate the places the Lord led others and I most certainly have had people in my life to be the same for me. It can be hard to dig through human opinion to find truth. None of us has that 30,000 foot view like God does. None of us has the answers like He does. This is because NONE of us IS God. Kit points out God will have His way; that nothing is impossible for Him; that He created all things; and He can choose to do whatever, with whomever, however and whenever He chooses. Those words are true, profound, and something we should never, ever loose sight of. He's the One with the answers we are seeking and working on our behalf even when we don't SEE it.   


Just as Kit suggests, take a look at EVERYTHING today. Every single thing you encounter over this day.  Don't miss a thing. As you look, listen, touch, smell, and taste life today, try and wrap your mind around the fact all of "this" has Him in it. He is everywhere. He created everything. He knows everything yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I suspect this will be a faith increaser exercise. This is the same God we are praying to with our list of impossible prayers.  Are they impossible for us? Well, no matter how much i try to maneuver and manipulate, my impossible list is not happening with just me.  Are they impossible for the One who created the biggest of big mountains and the smallest of small amoebas? Not according to every thing we read in the Bible in addition to countless testimonies we have just in this group of Soul Sisters. He SEES us  and is listening to us, ladies. 


What a perfect way to reboot any wavering belief we have in year 2020 with 20/20 God goggles on. I hope after today's exercise, we, like Job will be able to say, I've not only heard of You but now I SEE You. Please share any God sightings today. It's a faith builder when we share what we SEE and how He is moving in our lives. 


For further reading: Psalm 16:8; Romans 12:12; Isaiah 46:4


Most Gracious and Caring Friend, 

Help us to be like Job today and not only hear You but SEE You in our lives. Open our eyes to everything today so we don't miss one God sighting. Use this exercise to strengthen our faith where we might be wavering. Remind us that You are working even when we can't SEE. Give us discernment when others speak into our lives so we may hear Your words and let go of the rest. Likewise, help us to be encouraging to those we love and lead them straight to You for ultimate counsel. We boldly ask for You to show up and show out today so we may have testimony of how BIG You are. Amen.





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