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Forty Days of Prayer - Day Six

Monday, January 13, 2020


Day Six


"...The angel answered, “Your prayers and gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before God." (Acts 10:4)


I have found it very interesting in my own life to see what has

happened when: A. I pray about everything (or at least attempt to) and B. I remain aware. Today we are reminded to not only pray, but act. Kit says today you need to remember that God is watching your good deeds, and He responds quickly and powerfully to those who combine faith with action. Ladies, let's not get this confused with good deeds get us into heaven. Belief in Christ does that. However walking with the Lord in this life is what He so desires us to do. Part of what happens in our Christian faith is a heart that begins to shift from self to selfless.


The end of December 2019 I felt the Lord nudging me to choose a word to pray over my family for 2020. I have chosen a word for myself over the past several years but this "family" word is a new addition for me. Isn't it interesting that on my "posting day" we are taking about being selfless? That is the very word He gave me for my family. Kit goes on to say the people you will meet today are not merely distractions or hinderances, but rather messengers and opportunities.

See God's hand in everything. For me, this is part of being aware even when I may be at the grocery store buying the same old things. Is there someone in there who needs a kind word or a smile? Can I get out of my head for a minute to do that? As I am unloading the dishwasher could I be praying for someone at the same time? How can I find a new purpose in the mundane chores I do? Perhaps we can start by looking at

Cornelius; pray and give. Another way to look at is is less me, more you. This may be a new way of being bold that we talked about last week. 


What can you do differently today to be selfless? Can you be aware of those around you? As Kit says, You'll be amazed to see that God answers so many of our prayers through what appears to be random encounters with complete strangers. Don't let something or someone pass you by. These are God encounters!! I just love it when He connects dots that seem so random that, when you really think about it, turn out to be little miracles. Today, I think it isn't random that we are taking about my very first family word I began praying just a few short days ago. I'm curious to know what He is up to and

can't wait to see! Is there somewhere in You life He is connecting the dots lately? Remain aware, ladies and let's see what our God is doing! It can be so encouraging to hear those encounters so please share! They are faith building and your story of "random" may be exactly what fuels someone else's faith today.


For further reading: 1 Peter 3:8; John 15:12-14; James 2:17


Father God, We come to You today with hands open asking to be used by You. Give each one of us the boldness we need to get out of our comfort zones and live the way You intend. Help us to not overlook anyone You put in our path for they may be the very answers we are seeking. Give us hearts of compassion that make us want to invest and give where we may want to pull back and stay to ourselves. Your word

says "In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead"(James 2:17). Give us hearts to live selflessly. Amen






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