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Grateful for Growth: Walking and Talking with God

November 29, 2019

I am Grateful for Growth in my walk with the Lord.


“I lift my eyes up to hills-

Where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord the maker of Heaven & Earth” Psalm 121:1-2


My prayers keep me connected to God.


I try to keep up with this “walk” and know HE is always going before me. Preparing me.


I know that God keeps His promises & know in my heart PRAYER is the answer to our problems, issues, & lack of confidence.


Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the needs of others.

I know many people with sickness, hurt, and pain in their lives. It is a great responsibility to pray for every one who asks (and some that do not ask). I know the Lord sends these people & situations to me for ME to grow in my prayer life.


Jesus knows we need prayer before we even ask for it. HE still wants us to ask and pray without ceasing.


I know that God knows I know HE hears every prayer I send up no matter how crummy or scattered it sounds. HE knows what we need.


There are times I think I need to pray for myself for wisdom & knowledge but I KNOW Christ became wisdom for me because HE gives wisdom to me generously when I ask Him for it (I Cor 1:30, James 1:5).


So I keep praying and I look up to the hills!



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