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Grateful for Growth: Waiting with Expectacy

November 1, 2019

Scripture: Isaiah 40: 28-31


I really hate waiting! 








I especially hate waiting for answers to questions, situations, and concerns that have been on my prayer list for years and years. Honestly, I hate to admit that. I spoke to the ladies at retreat about faith. And, there’s a part of me that feels like my lack of patience exposes a lack of faith. 


This year, though, God has given me some perspective on waiting. He’s reminded me how often I’ve prayed for things like:


Revival in my family & community


Courage & strength in my two boys


Calling for ministry and marriage


In recent months, I believe God has uncovered one of His truths for me…. I must release control of the details of my life, because God could be allowing frustrating circumstances to persist in order to create an atmosphere where courage, strength, and calling can be developed in me or someone in my circle. It’s possible that the frustrating scenarios of my life are creating just the right space for revival to break out. 


Patience is hard! But, patience with a little of God’s vision is exciting. I'm very grateful that He's drawn me closer to Himself through these growth lessons.


Additional reading: Philippians 4: 6-8, Psalm 27 (all but particularly the last 2 verses)


Heavenly Father, You and I have had quite a year. I’ve prayed more than I’ve ever prayed. And, at times, I’ve grown more frustrated than ever before. But, as this year draws to a close, I believe I have a stronger trust in You and Your ways. For myself and for my sisters, I pray that You’d continue to open the eyes of our hearts so that we can SEE what You want us to see. We know that you have plans for us that we can’t imagine, so give our hearts the strength to wait patiently for Your guidance and direction. 


This teaching has given me great guidance this year, and I wanted to share it with you. 



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