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Ruth: Week 3 Wrap-up

September 27, 2019

Re-read: Ruth 2:19 - 3:9


Oh, ladies, this has been a fun week of Bible study to glance over and read comments. Missy Washam's post yesterday made me laugh. She opened with "Odd. Really odd." And, sometimes, that's my initial take away from the Bible.


Naomi's plan for Ruth was odd, for sure.


Joshua's instructions to take down the wall at Jericho were weird.


Gideon's direction to take over the people of Midian must have seemed strange.


Noah's command to build an ark when there had been no rain surely seemed ridiculous.


But, at least they were given detailed instructions! This week.... today..... I'm concerned with the times in life when we KNOW God is telling us to do something. But, for the life of us, we can't figure out how.


In my own life, I know for certain that many times God won't uncover the next step, detail, or instruction until I've obeyed the first. For instance, He's called me to take a crazy step of faith, at times, without any directions about what would come next. The next detail would come only after the first step was obeyed. Most of the time, that's how faith works..... it has to work.


Mindy Artze shared this sermon on her Facebook page last week, and I watched it. It may be one of the best sermons on faith and obedience I've ever heard so I want to share it here. If this pastor is a little tough to take in the beginning, please (I beg you) stick with it. It's so good!


Have a great weekend, ladies.




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