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Audacious -- Week 12

Friday: (August 23rd)


Honestly, I can’t believe our time together is over! God’s goodness has showered me this summer through the reading of Audacious, studying Ephesians, and communicating with you about our lessons. It’s been a joy to journey in Bible study with you, and I’m sad that it’s ending. 


I have to pause momentarily and thank my local group of Soul Sisters. It’s been a lot of fun to meet with them each week to hear how God has been teaching them. They’ve given me insight that I desperately needed in planning the study each week. I pray that each of you had a local group of some sort that you’ve been able to partner with in Bible study. 


Now, how do we end? What could I possibly share with you that could spur us on to even more audacity? I believe God has reminded me of a powerfully encouraging message by Carl Lentz from 2017. I hope you love it as much as I have. 


Before you listen, let me set it up a bit. During the fall of 2017, Elevation Church held a week long (maybe it was 10 day) revival called “Code Orange Revival.” Carl Lentz was one of the very last speakers. His purpose was to encourage his listeners to remember all of the moments of revival so that they could carry them into future seasons.


Girls, with tears in my eyes, I’m praying for the same. We’ve been moved all summer long to audaciously live for Jesus Christ. I just want us to live with that kind of verve and boldness from now on. Today (or over the weekend), listen to this sermon carefully, take notes, and journal the emotion it creates within you.


Then, would you share in the comments section a brief statement of what you’re taking away from this summer study. Please don’t overthink it, but please do share it. We want to hear from you. We NEED to hear from you. When I hear what God is doing in your life, it reminds me that He is constantly involved in our daily lives. 


God, do not allow us to sleep walk through this beautiful life. Please save us from going through the motions. Be the driving desire of our lives, because nothing else will do! Amen.



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