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Audacious -- Week 12

 Timothy 6:12 (Message)

Read: Ephesians 6: 18-24


Reflect: The best descriptive summary I have for Beth Moore’s, Audacious, is that it’s a love letter. It’s a love letter describing her relationship with her Savior. But, it’s also a love letter inviting others to have their own. It’s just dawned on my that Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (& any of his letters to early churches) was the same thing. 


Beth Moore and Paul have something in common. They have both audaciously loved Jesus in a way that forced them to audaciously share Him with others. 


The ending to Ephesians reads as powerfully as the end of Audacious for me. I can picture Paul’s letter to the church reaching them with as much urgency as Beth running across the cafeteria screaming. She shared a funny story. But, it hit home for me. 


Y’all…. The world is searching for love, for grace, for attention, and for purpose. They’re looking for answers in anything that promises to provide. The Ecstacy in Beth’s story is only one liar masquerading as a savior. The world is falling for all of them. Goodness, at times WE are falling for some of them. 


But, Jesus is the real deal! He’s the One & Only that can deliver us, sustain us, and carry us all the way to the finish line with pep in our step to the very end. “Have the audacity to take Him up on everything He is. (page 178)” 


Respond: If you haven’t looked at the chapter since Monday, please pause and go back to read pages 176-178 (begin halfway down the first page). I was profoundly affected by the story of Chris and her friend Debra. 


I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a better illustration of Gospel sharing in relationship. How many times have you felt the need to share Jesus with someone out of duty and responsibility? How often do we feel guilt rather than sadness over a missed opportunity? Yet, Debra was overjoyed to share a drug with her friend. She loved Chris so much that she wanted to share this fraudulent happiness with her. She just couldn’t let her miss out. 


I want you (and I will do it too) to make a list of people in your life that need to know the JOY of your salvation. Maybe YOU are on your own list. See, if our lives are missing true joy, we are doing something wrong, and we need to let Jesus take care of that. 


Please don’t get caught up trying to fill your list with people that simply need to hear about Jesus for the first time. I want you to make a list of people that need to know that there is pure, ecstatic joy to be found in living for Jesus. He really is the very best part of all of this!


Then, I want us to begin to pray over each and every one of those relationships. Let’s ask God, in Christ, to fill us fully so that the joy of our relationship with Him is bubbling up and out over everyone we know. This kind of love is contagious, and it was meant to be shared in relationship. 


Renew: I’m convinced that we don’t take time to celebrate accomplishments! You have finished a 12 week Bible study! Please take time during “renew” today to celebrate. Praise God for giving you the strength and stamina to stay the course. Celebrate any and all truths that He cemented in your heart through the study. Write them down. And, make plans to join us here for our last day of study. I have such a good message I’m dying to share with you. 


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.



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