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Audacious -- Week 12

I can NOT believe we are beginning our last week of study together. It's been such a great time of learning and being challenged. I'm so ready to get into this last bit of material. 


1. Read chapter 12 of Audacious, “The Best Part.”


2. Ladies, we’ve got to take some time and journal our thoughts after a chapter like that. I know Beth Moore is a strong personality. You may love her. You may not care for her. But, after a chapter like this one, you can’t help but celebrate her vulnerability, her transparency, and the life lessons she’s been willing to share. And, you absolutely have to be amazed by her audacious love for Jesus. Write about it! Ask God for it! 


3. Now, who’d be willing to drop a video journal below? Come on…. Let’s have some fun. Tell us what you’ve learned this summer. Or, share with us how you’ve been challenged. I’d be satisfied with one, little video blurb from one of you super shy ladies. That would take some audacity! To begin the last week together, I’d LOVE for us to “chat” together face to face. :) 


Father God…. Oh how I thank you for a wonderful summer of studying YOU. We’ve marveled at Your love for us through the reading of this book and Ephesians. We’ve been convicted of places where we need to trust You more. And, we’ve arrived at the place where we really WANT to. A chapter like the one Beth shared with us today is challenging. Give us courage to follow you with this kind of passion and drive. 




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