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Audacious -- Week 11

Good morning, sisters! Again, we couldn't have any better timing.... As students, teachers, and administrators rush off to school this morning after a summer away, we get to look at Christ's love exhibited in our relationships. This week is going to be GOOD. Don't miss it!


1. Read Chapter 11 of Audacious, “A Love for All Loves.” 


2. After 10 weeks of study this summer, the information we’ve just read is “where the rubber meets the road,” right? The faith we have in relationship with Jesus must translate into the relationships we have with others. Journal about that this morning. 


3. What is the biggest relationship difficulty you have? Spend some time talking to Jesus about it. Ask for the courage to allow His love to transform your love powerfully in all of your relationships. 


4. Prayer -- Please post your prayer for the week in the comments section. I’ll include mine here. 


Dear God, Give us courage this week to take an honest look at our relationships. We desperately need YOU to invade the spaces of our relationships. The world will see and know that we are Christ-followers by the way we interact in relationship. Yet, so often I don’t except You to show up and change the way I relate to others. If I’ve been too focused on the “big” things to stop and ask You to change me in the simple interactions I have with my husband, my children, my friends, and my co-workers, please slow me down this week to show me where we have work to do. These relationships should be the MAIN spot where I get to see and understand the power of who You are. Help us to trust You fully so that we can love others well. 




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