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Audacious -- Week 10

Read: John 4: 7-10


Reflect: I love the equation Beth gave us in this chapter,

If you only knew + You would ask me = I would give you


Does anyone else wish things could just be simple sometimes? Goodness, life seems to be getting more and more complex, and I can get consumed with trying to figure things out. All! The! Time!! I’m just trying to connect the dots so that I can figure out a simpler way to live.


I believe the woman at the well had a complicated life. Obviously, I can’t say this with certainty. But, I’m guessing she made her life more and more complicated while attempting to make it easier. Our best attempts for an easier life typically complicate things. But, Jesus met her at the well. In one statement, He gave her an equation for simple. You know the story! I’m sure you’ve read it a number of times. I want you to sit and think about this woman and her encounter with Jesus. What did she need to know? What should she have asked for? And, what was Jesus willing to give?


Respond: I’m not at all trying to take the easy way out. I’m a teacher, and everything in me wants to guide you in a response today. But, the Holy Spirit has been leading us through 10 weeks of study. I want to give Him the freedom to work personally today. Seek His instruction on how you should respond. If you feel led, share your response in a comment.


Renew: On page 125 of Audacious, I highlighted a sentence that I keep returning to. Beth said, “we’re talking about coming alive to an honest-to-God acceptance that we are audaciously loved and drumming up the audacity to boldly love Him back.”

Without a doubt, THIS is the heart of my prayer for our time together this summer. Are you coming alive in the acceptance of His love for you? Is it making you bold? Are we at least closer than we were at the start? Pray, sisters! Let’s honestly ask for the boldness to receive.



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