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Audacious -- Week 8

Welcome to week 8 of our study. I pray that Audacious has blessed you as much as it's blessed me over the past months. It's been a real treat to study along with you. 


1. Read chapter 8 in Audacious, “Need Is Not Enough.”


2. I hope you read carefully and really soaked in the message of this chapter. This morning, let’s take some time just to journal initial thoughts about Beth’s words.


3. Honestly, I wrote and wrote and wrote. This chapter has been powerful for me. Does anyone else have trouble answering a question like, “what do you want?” I don’t usually spend much time with that. I would much rather focus on what everyone else wants, and I’ll just get by with what I need. But, Jesus has given us permission to share with Him our wants even if our wants need to be adjusted right now.


So, sister, what do you want? Spend ample time finding the answer to that question today. 


Prayer -- Your prayer is for you and you alone today. But, please write it out and make sure you’re being honest. Tell Jesus what you really, really want. Aren’t you thankful that God, in Christ, is so personal with us?





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