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Audacious -- Week 7

Happy Monday! Is this summer flying by for any of you like it is for me? In our local Soul Sisters meeting last week, I was seriously chastised for acting like the summer was over. So, it's not over, but it is sure moving quickly. I pray you're enjoying yours.

Let's get going in week 7 of our study....

Read Chapter 7 of Audacious, “The Verve of Humble Adventure.”

As I was reading this chapter, I had so many thoughts I wanted to write about. However, I feel like encouraging you to slowly read through the chapter and journal your own thoughts. I don’t want to get in the way of what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you. Allow Him to direct your personal reading time.

Please post your own prayer to “beckon Jesus to wake us up to a hike with Him that becomes a greater reality than anything we can see with human eyes or touch with human hands.” (Beth Moore, page 71)