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Audacious -- Week 6

Happy Monday, sisters. I'm praying this is a wonderful week, and I'm ready to get started in a new chapter. 


1. Read Chapter 6 of Audacious, “Waking the Dead.”Oh, how I love the humor mixed with seriousness of this chapter.


2. What if you had a front row seat to your own funeral? Who would be there? Who would share how your life affected their life positively? Don’t be too dramatic or morose, but I believe some journaling could be done around these simple questions.


3. My book has more highlighted, circled, and commented on in this chapter than any other chapter so far. Take time to write about anything that meant something to you in your reading.


Prayer -- Would you post a prayer for our study and our sisters today?


Today's chapter made me think of this song. Enjoy!




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