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Audacious -- Week 5



Read: Psalm 51: 1-14


Reflect: This week, we’ve read Beth say that we need audacity to take God’s magnificent love through Christ Jesus personally. He sent Jesus for YOU (and me), and His death paid for YOUR sins (& mine).


Today, I want us to spend some time focusing on one of our obstacles to personalizing God’s love….. SHAME! Ladies, I fear our Enemy is winning too many battles by keeping us bound by guilt and shame over past failures. We have to lose the shame to live with audacity!


Forgive me for hopping all over the Bible. But, I don’t know of a better example of a Bible character that kicked shame to the curb than David. This chosen one of God had an adulterous affair. If that wasn’t bad enough, he had the husband of his partner in adultery killed to attempt to cover it up. What I love most about David’s story is that he found his way to forgiveness and bold living, but he didn’t do it through more cover up. He did it through honest evaluation.


Psalm 51 is a picture of true repentance. In our scripture reading today, David acknowledged the depth of his sin. It was dark and he called it out. By the way, there truly is NO condemnation in Jesus Christ, but to hide the sin away by refusing to call it sin isn’t claiming freedom. It’s gripping condemnation. David knew that he needed forgiveness from his sin in order to walk in the fullness of his freedom. Satan likes to keep things in the dark, but God’s love shines clearly when we walk into the light.


Respond: As our response today, I want to simply include one of the last paragraphs from this chapter in Audacious. It’s too good, and I don’t want anyone to miss it. As you read, please allow the words to be a diagnostic of your heart. If you’re still holding onto shame, let today be the day you give it to God. His forgiveness was provided at the cross. But, sister, we must lay down the sin once and for all. We aren’t doing anyone any favors by continuing to pick the debilitating burden back up time and time again.


“Shame and audacity cannot coexist. They cannot consume the same space. God is not mistaking our shame for humility. People who cover over the blood of Christ with a cloak of shame do no honor to the name of Jesus…. If we’re going to insist on keeping all our shame after all He’s done, we can save ourselves the trouble of pursuing audacious love because we’ll have no place to put it. We’ll never be freed up to love Jesus audaciously if we’re living our lives as one big apology.”


Renew: So, are you willing to give up the shame? All of it? Could today be the day that we shove a stake in the group marking the spot on our timeline where we begin to truly “run the race the Lord set before us?” (Hebrews 12: 1-2)


Did you notice what David planned to do with his freedom from guilt and shame?


“Then I will teach transgressors Thy ways and sinners will be converted to Thee.” (Psalm 51: 13)


Hmmmm….. Could your Enemy want you to remain bound in guilt, because too many would come to know the love of Christ if you were to break free of shame and teach others how you did it? I’m POSITIVE the answer is, “YES!”


Today is key! Audacity is born out of true repentance and receiving. Spend some time with Jesus today. Thank Him for His gift of forgiveness and repent of any refusal to receive it. Ask Him to give you a heart that will receive His love and RUN with audacious perseverance. On this Fourth of July, Let freedom fully ring in your heart!


Please listen to the words of this song and be blessed. Then, enjoy some prayer time with sweet Jesus! 


“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” (Psalm 51:10)




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