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Audacious -- Week 5

Happy Monday! And, welcome to week five of our Audacious study.


Please pray for eyes that see and a heart that can understand prior to opening the book today. As I’m typing, I’m asking God to help us see what we’ve never seen before.


  1. Read chapter 5 of Audacious, “The First Audacious Move.”

  2. Take notes as you read and record any points that are meaningful to you. All the work we’ve done so far leads to the point Beth will make in the first few lines of this chapter.

  3. Create your own timeline of events from Old Testament times to Jesus coming in the New Testament. Our chapter provides many details and events. I believe it will be helpful for us to visually see them in timeline form.

  4. Spend some time thanking God for His provision.


Prayer -- We’ve finished ⅓ of our study together. In our comments section, would you write out a short prayer asking God for wisdom, guidance, and even more instruction for the next leg of our journey together?




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