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Audacious --Week 4

I'm very excited about this week of study. I believe you'll be able to hear the excitement in Beth Moore's writing. I'm praying for all of us to allow the Holy Spirit to so work within us that we can't help but live with boldness and audacity. Oh how I want to live a life that makes a difference! I hope you do to. Let's get to it!

1.) Read chapter 4 of Audacious.

2.) Take notes as you read. If you time, look up Miriam, Deborah, Ruth, or Abigail in scripture and read the full story.

3.) Prayer time - Today, spend some time evaluating the definition of audacious that Beth gave us. How closely does that definition describe your life with Christ? How often have you lived with the boldness that each of these women exhibited. There’s NO guilt in Jesus, so don’t allow you enemy to take you there. However, if you see patterns of defeat in your life, write out a specific prayer asking God to make you a woman who lives audaciously.

4.) I don’t know how you were brought up to think about women and work, women in ministry, or any other role of a woman. Beth said, “we girls can forget using gender as an excuse for our lack of holy audacity,” and our Biblical examples from this chapter prove that point. Let’s ask for God’s guidance in living the life we were made to live.

I desperately want this to be a pivotal week in our study. Our Lord audaciously loved and sacrificed, so we GET TO audaciously live and surrender to His leading! What's holding us back? And, here's another great question.... What would you do if you weren't afraid? Form your thoughts in a prayer and let that be your comment today.