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Audacious -- Week 3

Happy Monday and welcome to the third week of our summer study. I believe God has some pretty big things in store for us this week. Let's get started. 


1.) Read chapter three of Audacious.


2.) WOW! What a powerful chapter. Did you think so? Write out some of Beth’s statements that meant something to you as you read.


3.) I’d love for you to watch this short video (kind of silly) that beautifully illustrates the story of Peter that was included in our chapter today. I don’t want us to rush too quickly past the reality of Peter’s interaction with Jesus and what it means for us.


4.) Prayer time - Imagine that Jesus is sitting in front of you asking if you love Him. How would you answer that? Can you write out an answer in prayer to Him today.


**We typically post our prayers on Monday, and I’d still love for you to consider doing that today. However, I’ve asked you to be completely open and honest in your prayer. I’ve asked you to answer the “Do you love me” question. Let’s be honest with Jesus as we answer. If posting your prayer response hinders transparency, do not feel pressure to post. I think we are all comfortable enough with each other at this point to rest in the silence if necessary.




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