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Audacious -- Week 2

Welcome to the second week of our summer study, Audacious


1. Today, read chapter two of Audacious, "About That Tiny Little Adjective."


2. I recorded several of Beth's statements from the chapter. They really made me think. As you're reading, I encourage you to write out statements that have an impact on you and any thoughts you have about them.


3. Please spend some time considering whether you see Jesus as a Giver or a Taker. What are some of the things He's taken from you that you are happy He asked you to lay down?


4. Prayer time - Spend some time in prayer this morning for the upcoming week of study. Be specific in asking God to lead and direct your way as we study topics from this chapter together.



Once again, I'm asking that you would please comment today with a prayer. I loved seeing the prayers for individual study as well as our corporate study. Ask God for His provision of understanding and guidance.


I'm looking forward to studying another week with you.





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