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Audacious -- Week 1, Monday

Good morning, ladies! I'm so excited to begin our summer study together. I'm praying for God to do BIG things in us and through us as we study together all summer. 


1. Read chapter one of Audacious.


2. Take notes as you read. Record any thoughts you have as you read through the chapter. 


3. Beth honestly shared some questions she had for her life and ministry while reading during the plane ride. Ask yourself some of those questions as a way of evaluating where you are now and where you'd like to be someday. 


Prayer Time -- Prayer will be the key to us receiving the most out of our study together this summer. I'm going to urge you each day to spend time in prayer, to write out your prayers, and sometimes to share those prayers with us. Today, would you consider sharing a prayer for the study in the comments section. What do you want God to do? Do you need help in knowing how to cooperate with Him or navigate your schedule to spend time with Him. Be honest. Let's join together asking God to draw us to Himself so that we will live courageous lives for the Gospel.


Please know that I'll be praying fervently for YOU all summer long. It's my deepest desire that God will move every, single one of us into living with MORE faith and MORE love for Him as a result of the time we spend with Him each day in our study of Audacious. 




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