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We GO: Together

We are each His beautiful vessel, called to pour out the light and love of Christ; therefore, WE GO...

We GO: Together

Proverbs 27:9 - “A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”

God made us for community. In Genesis 2:18, God had just made man and he said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” When you actually research the Hebrew word “man” used here, it means “mankind”. Not necessarily referring to the male species. God knew we would need each other. Yes, He created us to love Him, first and foremost, but He wants us to learn how to love one another well too. I have truly come to believe that is why we are all here. Just to learn how to love... God, each other, and ourselves.

When I was in college, I felt a calling to go into ministry somehow. Because I was also a singer/songwriter, it seemed obvious to me that I would become the next Amy Grant, writing songs about Jesus (“My Father’s Eyes” was my JAM), and singing these songs across the world, spreading the Good News with the talents God gave me. Well, I was wayyyyy off! LoL.

Instead, I fell in love with a boy, found myself unwed and pregnant, and saw my dream of becoming the darling of the Christian Music World get flushed down the toilet. So instead of shoving Ms. Grant off her CCM throne, I got married, became a stay-at-home Mom for several years and watched my husband pursue his dreams of becoming a successful Country Music guitar player.

Life took it’s toil and over the next several years I led a life ruled by bad decisions and chaos. I left the church. I got divorced... twice. I was a mess.

But God wasn’t done with me, even though at times I’ll admit I thought I was done with Him. He patiently and lovingly pulled me back into His arms and let me know that there was nothing I could do to thwart His plans for my life. Oh no.... I don’t have that kind of power! LoL. That passion he had put in my heart so many years ago was still there. I still had dreams of ministry, but it looked very different this time around. This time, it was focused on helping women, like me... who had maybe thought their mistakes were too great to do great work for His Kingdom...get back in touch with their dreams and become all God created them to be. And we can do that through community!

That is why I started “God and My Girlfriends Ministries”. I love giving women a place to dream together, heal together and encourage each other. A safe place to be honest about our fears, doubts, and even our failures. A community of women who can cheer each other on as we grow in our faith together.

I love working together with the “Soul Sisters” community of women too! We can’t have enough “sisterhood” these days! I’m so grateful for Missy, Dayna, Amy, Chris, Madeline and Anne, who generously devote their time and talents to community as well. We are ALL one big community of sisters and I’m so grateful God has brought us all together. We need each other. And that is exactly how God made us to be!

Other reading: Mark 12: 30-31, Galatians 6:2, Proverbs 27:17, Romans 12:5, 1 Peter 4:8-10

Dear Jesus, Thank you for giving us to one another. So that we could encourage each other and lift one another up. So that we could carry each other’s burdens, pray for one another, and learn how to love you and each other better. We are so grateful for the gift of community. Thank you, Lord... Amen.