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HE WILL Reveal Himself as Friend

April 16, 2019

Week 7: The I AM says He WILL Reveal
Day 2: He will reveal Himself as Friend



VERSE John 13:34-35    A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men WILL know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.


When I hear of heroic stories about someone who sacrifices his/her life to save someone else, maybe rescuing a drowning person, carrying someone outside of a burning building or automobile, fighting on the battlefield, undergoing surgery for an organ transplant, and the list goes on….I not only cry, but I think of their selflessness and  how God demonstrated this for us and gave the great command to love one another.


During Holy Week, Jesus revealed so much to His disciples. He walked, talked, dined with, taught, and fully embraced the disciples (and many others). He showed how much He treasures His friends and demonstrated the true standard of love.


Have you thought about how you demonstrate your love to your friends? Whether you are together physically, or across many miles, you may lift each other’s spirits through prayers, welcome tears of laughter and tough times, acknowledge each other’s weaknesses and strengths, celebrate new beginnings (weddings, babies, homes, jobs, etc. ), comfort each other with loss (of some of those new beginnings you celebrated), surprise each other with favors or “happies”,  and support each other along the journey of life.  When I moved to Hattiesburg, MS in the 4th grade a girl named, Missy Gowen befriended me and showed me love through kindness and inclusion. Because of her outreach our friendship and love for each other has grown stronger and stronger over the past 43 years. That is all because of God! He teaches us how to love and be a friend.       


All Mighty God reveals His love and friendship to us every day. He walks along every journey of life with us, rests with us, provides us with strength and guidance, listens to our confessions of sins, shows mercy on us, celebrates with us and YES….died for us. He shows us the ultimate sacrifice and teaches us how to love someone so big that you would risk your life to save theirs.


Jesus demonstrates the true meaning of friendship to us. He revealed himself to the disciples and He will do it for us because He said so.


FURTHER: Proverbs 18:24; Luke 6:12-16; John 11:5; John 15:13-16; John 17:20-21


Dear Heavenly Father and Friend,

Today I give thanks for the gift of friendship, especially, yours! You are the friend for eternity who laid down your life on the cross for us, so that we may live. There is no greater love than your love. There is no deeper intimacy, joy, peace and comfort than that which comes from walking hand in hand with you. We praise you for calling us and making us your friends, for this life and the life to come. May we increasingly offer one another a taste of the friendship we only have in you.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen



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