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Monday, April 15: He will reveal Himself to you as Shepherd


Welcome to Holy week where our focus will be on Christ the Messiah. Join us as we look at all that He says that He will do.


Verse: Isaiah 40:11 Like a shepherd HE WILL tend His flock. In His arm HE WILL gather the lambs and carry them in His bosom; HE WILL gently lead the nursing ewes.


Post: I am a mother. As the parent at home, I was the one making decisions right and left for one, two, and then three children and myself. Sometimes it felt like I was making spontaneous decisions for masses of people. Anything from what to eat when there is nothing in the fridge, to how to discipline when someone had a "throw down", whether to drive the homework left at home to school or let the consequences be suffered, to what to say when the police come to your door to speak with you about an offense one of your children committed. It seemed like many of my days required decisions made on the spot and I didn't ever have the time to even look up before I was faced with yet another situation. Although I was a believer and a church goer, many of those years I wasn't seeking counsel from the Lord. I was basically trying to survive and do the best I could do. What I now know is that I had the option to speak with a "helper" every day as I was maneuvering through my life. If I could re-do one thing in my life back then, I would choose to talk to the Lord more, seeking His counsel daily and attempt to slow down enough to listen. I imagine if I had made those simple adjustments, my decision making would have been backed with some" truth and meat" that can only come from the Lord. Maybe all the decisions wouldn't have turned out any differently, but I think I would have known my Shepherd in a deeper way and perhaps my example of a Godly momma would have been a little more evident to those I was caring for.


Here's the good news. It's never too late to get into the Word and start a conversation with the Lord. He is our Shepherd and is there for every lost momma trying to lead her little sheep in the way which they should go. Psalm 23 says, " He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake." He is there ladies, for all of us, no matter how we have lived in the past and no matter how much we mess up in the future. Our verse today says, "In His arms He will gather the lambs and carry them in His bosom"(Isaiah 40:11 ). We can see He is powerful yet careful and gentle with each one of us. A shepherd cares for the most defenseless members of his society--- and that's us! What a gift we have in not having to do it all on our own but having our Shepherd to carry us tightly in His arms. This God of ours takes care of us each and every morning, noon, and night . If we aren't engaging in a relationship with Him daily, isn't it time we relinquish some of our decision making, counsel with Him, and allow His big strong arms to carry us? Sounds pretty inviting to me.


He WILL do it because He said so.


Heavenly Father, How many times we have tried and tried in this life to do it our way and on our own. We come to You today asking that You indeed will "lead us beside quiet waters and restore our souls". Give us the desire to surrender our ways and fall into your loving arms. Let us see that we are just like the lost little sheep in desperate need of a shepherd for survival. Thank You for loving us enough to continually seek us when we go astray again and again. Remind each one of us this Holy week of Your ultimate sacrifice : Your life given for our salvation. Amen



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