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Week 3: He Will Provide



Monday, March,18th:


He Will Provide a Savior


Verse: Isaiah 41:17: The afflicted and needy are seeking water, but there is none, and their tongues are parched with thirst; I, the Lord, WILL answer them Myself, as God of Israel I will not forsake them.


Post: This past Friday, Chris Baxter did a beautiful job of explaining our Savior that conquered death at the cross on our behalf. She stated that she was going to spend some time reflecting on His death and how He blesses our faith in Him with Eternal life. In other words, the BIG picture of what His life, death, and resurrection offers us. Today let’s look at how He is present to walk with us through the daily trenches of life. He came to save us from the mess we make in our earthly lives each and every day. In spite of our best efforts, we will always fall short of God's standards for right living . People are not perfect. We all say and do things that fall short of God's expectations every day- we SIN. And as harsh as it sounds we need to be saved from the consequences of living below God's standards. The beauty here is we have a Savior that continues to rescue us from sin, Satan, and self.


One of the things I do multiple times each week is Hot Yoga. It's exactly like it sounds: yoga done in a really, really hot room which causes one to sweat profusely. I always drink some water while in class because I am acutely aware of how hot it is in that room. I will drink some more on the way to the car but as I cool down , my water consumption slacks off. I get on with my day and hot yoga is just a sweaty memory. I will go to bed that night and often end up waking up with a headache because I am dehydrated. Now, I am reasonably educated and I understand how this process works, but time after time I ignore my physical need for water. My attention is elsewhere, my body is parched, and I am not aware of what's really happening .That is a picture of how we can look spiritually. Looking at the scripture above, we are described as afflicted and needy. We are parched and like me and my yoga thirst, sometimes don't even recognize the need we have for the living water He offers daily. If we don't come to that well each day, we are on the slippery slope that always leads down hill in our spiritual lives. As the scripture goes on to say," He WILL answer”. That is the great news. He is there 24/7 to fill our need to be saved from our daily sins.


As Chris challenged herself on Friday, I'm going to challenge myself today to be aware of the need I have moment by moment for a Savior. The need I have to come to the well to quench the spiritual thirst I have . I want to be aware that I am one of the afflicted and needy and really know the One that can save me each and every day from my sin.


Praises be to God for He is the One that is mighty to save me every day. If He SAID it, He WILL do it .


Additional Scripture: Isaiah 9:6; Isaiah 43:11-13;

Luke 19:5-10; Luke 22:14-20.


Heavenly and Gracious Father, You are mighty to save us each and every day from our sinful mess. Remind us today what a miraculous gift this is. Like Your word says, we are the "afflicted and needy". Help us never forget our desperate need to come to the well of life You offer everyday. Give us a desire to fill up with You so we can pour out on others as we glorify You in the process. Let us never forget we will never find anything or anyone else that can fill us in the way You do. You are our portion each minute to survive this life .


"I,I am the Lord, and besides me there is no savior" Isaiah 43:11. Amen



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