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Part 2 : Because He Said SO:What the I AM says HE WILL DO

March 4, 2019

Part 2

Because He Said So: What the I AM Says HE WILL DO




Monday, March 1: He will create the world and mankind


Verse: Genesis 2:7,16

Then the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life...Then the Lord God said, "It is not good for man to be alone; I WILL make a helper suitable for him."


Post: Happy Monday morning and welcome to Part 2 of "Because He Said So" study . Let's start at the very beginning with creation and discover from day one He has been faithful to His Word.

God is the Master Mind behind ALL creation. In the creation story, and in creation today, we see the power of God's spoken word. He simply says, "Let there be_____" and it was so. In other words, if He says it, He will ALWAYS do it. That's powerful . There is nothing else and no one else in all of being that can boast this kind of power. Furthermore, there is nothing or no one that can ever stay as true to their word as God. His word never changes; it's ALWAYS true and it's ALWAYS reliable.


In Genesis we read all about this story of creation . The Lord took a formless and empty earth and literally spoke light, dark waters, land ,vegetation, and living creatures into being . In Genesis 2:7 referenced above, we read that from the dust of the ground, He formed man, and because it's not good for man to be alone , He made a suitable helper. These bodies God creates are lifeless shells until He brings them alive with His "breath of life". Likewise, when God removes his life-giving breath, our bodies once again return to dust. Therefore our life and worth come from God's Spirit. As humans we tend to think our accomplishments and abilities originate from our own strengths and efforts. In reality our worth comes not from our achievements but from the God of the universe. He chooses to give us this miraculous gift of life. We need to value it as He does.


The fall of 2015 was a very difficult season of life for me . Although my life may have looked pretty good from the outside, inside it was a mess. My marriage was unraveling, my focus was all over the place and life as I knew it was out of my control. October 12, 2015 I woke up at exactly 2 AM hearing the Lord audibly speak the words, "It's Not About You". I immediately questioned what I heard and very softly, yet very clearly and distinctly again I heard, "Its Not About You". Since that moment, I have come to realize this life I have been so graciously given is not about ME but all about HIM. I, like you probably do , wrestle from time to time with who is really in control of my life but deep down, eventually I recognize I am nothing but a lifeless shell without Him and I just can't do this on my own, which was never God's intention anyway. As Missy stated over and over in our previous 40 day study, we were created on purpose for a purpose. God of the universe chose to give us the mysterious gift of life . He took this vapid planet and created a home for our earthly bodies and fills us with His Spirit so we will have purpose. Although we are given free choice, it's important to remember "God created it, He is in control of it , and His way is ALWAYS better than my way".


Ladies, throughout this study we will see just who our God is and what He promises He will do. Today is just setting the stage to build from . Get ready to learn just how faithful our God is. He WILL do it because He said so.


Heavenly Creator,

We recognize without You we would not BE. You are the magnificent creator of all things good. We ask you fill our hearts with the spirit of obedience - far beyond what we can do on our own. Give us the desire to treat the gift of life with the importance You intended. We thank You for the provision Your earth holds for us and for the lives of our families and sisters in Christ. Throughout this study we begin today, reveal to each one of us exactly what You want us to know about who You are and what You say You will do. Give us listening ears and teachable hearts. Amen



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