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Transitioning Traditions

Read: Lamentations 3:21-23; James 1:17

As long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a wife and a mother. I went to school to be a teacher, and I also completed a Master's program in Administration. However, all I really wanted to do was love and take care of a family.... as my job. :)

So, that's what I did. After having our first child in 2003, I left teaching and became full-time Mom. It wasn't nearly as easy as I thought it would be, but it has been wonderful. And, even though I work outside of the home now, my first commitment is still to my husband and our children. However, that job description is ever changing.

Yesterday, we shared family traditions. I loved reading them and imagining them all taking place. Some of your traditions even caused me to reflect on more and more of our traditions. As many of you noted, though, the trouble with tradition is that our circumstances are ever changing.I have three TEENAGERS in my house this year. So, tradition (for the sake of our sanity) had to be edited to some degree.

Is it just me, or does anyone else struggle with this change? Does anyone else find yourself asking the Lord if anything can ever stay the same? And, would any of you admit that just when you think you've got one life stage figured out, your kids, your spouse, or friends, change the game? I feel like my world is reeling from these realizations this year. No one asked my permission to grow up so quickly! I can't seem to get a grip of my emotions over all of this transition.

That's why I find such great comfort in our scripture for today. All of life is a gift (James 1:17). God created every bit of it, and it's always changing but it's good. And, HE never changes. There's no shifting or turning with Him. Every, single morning, there is new joy to be had in HIM (Lamentations 3:23). Great is HIS faithfulness!

I believe it's good for us to celebrate with traditions. I'm glad we shared them yesterday. But, we can't hold on too tightly, ladies. Our God always has new things in store for us. These new seasons may be difficult to enter into, but we will certainly miss out on goodness if we hold too tightly to yesterday's traditions. We can add to them, change them up, or ditch them all together. When life is swirling too quickly all around you, hold tightly to our God who never changes. He will see us through. And, in the next season, we WILL look back on this one with fondness if we cooperate with Him in our transitions.

Dear God, You formed us and made us, so you know us perfectly. You know how we (as women) dislike change. We love to figure things out, settle into a routine, and enjoy consistency. But, You've given us people and relationships that are ever changing. There's heartbreak in that! It's difficult to adjust to all of the changes. We are resting in YOU, in the truth that YOU never change. We thank you for the people You've place in our lives, young and old. And, we're asking that You'd show us how to hold on to them loosely, enjoying all of the moments we have. Our faith, our hope, and our trust is in You. And, we know that You are faithful!