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Christmas Traditions

December 26, 2018

Read Psalm 78: 1-6


Yesterday, I'm sure you all woke up early and enjoyed Christmas morning with family or friends. At our house, I woke up before the others. After having some time alone, I went to the kitchen and began making our traditional Christmas morning breakfast; six day biscuits and sausage balls.


My family loves this breakfast. My children look forward to it all year. I know the feeling, because I looked forward to it as a child. My grandmother began the six day biscuit (we don't really know why they're called that), and my Mom later added the sausage balls. It stuck! It's just not Christmas morning without this special breakfast.

I'm imagining all of the different traditions your families have surrounding Christmas. Isn't it fun to tell others the stories that go with the traditions, to remember the people that made the special meal, the activities, or the memory so sweet? Here's the thing.... as we look back and realize what an impact people have had in our lives, we get the chance to do two very important things:


1. We give thanks. God has given all of us special people that have cared for us, loved us, and taught us about Jesus. It's appropriate and fitting that we pause and thank God for those people.


2. We stop and understand that others will someday look back and remember the investment we are making now. We are called to share with future generations! Our stories help to mold and shape other stories. And, God, uses them all to finish the good work He's begun in all lives.


Yesterday was CHRISTMAS! It was a day for us to celebrate God, in Jesus, leaving Heaven and coming to Earth as our Savior. In His coming, He demonstrated how deeply He loves and cares for us. Take a minute and let that sink in. In our frantic pace and lifestyle, we're always wanting to DO for Jesus. But, take a minute and realize all that He's DONE for you. Receive it and allow it to change you.


As we live fully in that gift, we have opportunities to share it with others.... our families, our friends, and co-workers. Traditions can be a special way to leave a mark on the lives we get to touch. As a believer, you have a story that is worth telling. It begins with your receiving the gift of salvation offered through Christ. The rest of your life and my life can be a beautiful retelling of His story within our own.


I pray your Christmas Day was special in a million different ways. Just for fun, share a special Christmas tradition with us below. It's always fun to connect with you ladies. :)



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