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Thankful Hearts: Specific Blessings Today, I'm thankful QUIET TIME SPOT

November 12th


Thankful Hearts: Specific Blessings


Today, I am thankful QUIET TIME SPOT


Scripture: Luke 5:16,"But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed."


Post: During a difficult, painful period of time for me, I spent loads of time in my house completely alone. It was fall turning into winter at a time in Tennessee where the skies are gloomy, day changing into night in late afternoon, much rain happening, and crisp turning to cold temps. I am more of a sunshine lover so this setting seemed to add to the pain in my heart...or so it seemed. As usual, the Lord knew just what I needed far more than I could have dreamed of. It was in this dreary dark time in both my heart and surroundings that I found a God of deep love, patience, understanding , kindness, full of grace and mercy. The photo below is the picture of where that happened. It's actually not the regular place I do my quiet time, but it is the place that I found the Lord waiting for me. As I mentioned in last Monday's post, I am very visual so this setting that I have described would never have been where or what I would have chosen to find the Lord. Now that I think about it, it's almost comical that this is the time of year and where He chose. He used the grey-ness and cold outside, no people in the house to distract, stillness and total aloneness in the pain to get my full attention. Like many of us, it really took all "that" to get my focus to change from what I didn't have to focus on what I did have. Sitting on this white couch, I had a vision of Him waiting in a quiet, beautiful park on a bench. I was running all over the place, barking orders at people, busy with all kinds of things and there He was... on that bench . He had been there all along just patiently waiting for me, to stop the business of my life, not nagging or using force to get my attention but rather sitting and waiting in hopes that I would turn my attention to the One that could and would help. Finally, as my circumstances stopped me dead in my tracks, I SAW Him there....I sat down on that bench next to Him and began to listen like never before.


Luke 5:16 tells us that even Jesus needed to retreat to a lonely place to commune with the Father. Many things clammer for our attention and I think especially as women, we run ourselves ragged attending to them. Our heads, hands, and minds are spinning in multiple directions on any given day. Like Jesus, however, we should take the time to withdraw to a quiet and deserted place to pray. As hard as that may be to carve out time and a place, I encourage each of you to make this a part of you daily practice. He has ALWAYS been sitting there waiting to lavish us in His magnificent love , we just need to become present. If we haven't already, isn't it time we take a seat next to Him on that bench and see what He has been waiting to tell us?


Today I would love to hear about your quiet time. Where is it, when is it, do you journal, do you listen to music or sit quietly? Does it change seasonally ? Did God do a big about face in your life like He did in mine to finally get your attention? Please feel free to share any photos of where you have your quiet time as well.


For further reflection look up the following scriptures:

Psalm 84:1-2; 1Kings 17: 2-4.


Heavenly Father,

In this busy world it's sometimes a challenge for us to stop and pray. Thank You for telling us this is not only okay but it is what You desire for us to do. With that being said, please slow each one of us down long enough to find time and quiet to commune with You. I pray if this is not a practice in our daily lives, it will be come one. Thank You for my spot where I found You patiently waiting. I pray each one of us truly seeks and finds You in Your time and place. Amen



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