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Picture Scripture: Week 7 Bride

Monday , October 15th

Week 7

Picture Scripture : Bride (His initiation)


Scripture: Jeremiah 9:24; Isaiah 43:1; Isaiah 45::4-5;

John 15:16; 1 John 4:10.

Journal any phrases or words from these scriptures that speak to you.


Post: Can you even imagine HOW much God loves you? And WHY does He love you so much?


A relationship with God is like no other. His love is unique. In short, there isn't anything comparable. Scripture tells

us ,"You did not choose me, but I chose you..."(John 15:16)

If God is the one who chose us first, then this was not based on our performance. There is nothing we did or can do to cause God to love us any more than He already does and there is nothing that will cause Him to love us any less. He loves us even more than we love ourselves. God loves us because He IS love; all He does is motivate from the unconditional source. This relationship is unlike any other one we will ever have. In Jeremiah 9:24 He says "I am a God of lovingkindness (steadfast love)"...and then He says He delights to exercise this love on earth (towards His people). No other relationship we will ever have can boast this! He will never change. He will always choose us and never leave us, no matter what we do. What an overwhelming display of love this is!


So many of us get confused that we "chose God" and then that leads to a legalistic lifestyle of "to do's". We think we need to do more of the good Christian stuff to continually win the affection of God; to be acceptable in His eyes. I'm not knocking "good works" ...but if we are doing them to hold on to God's affection, it won't make a difference. When we fully understand that He CHOSE us we then begin to understand His unconditional love; then our Christian life changes to a bride's delight.


Are you convinced of God's Love? Is there a time in your life you can share when God showed His love toward you in a very personal way? In my time of desparation when I felt the most unloved and unloveable, He began to open my eyes to how much He loved me. He put His people in my path that were the hands and feet of Christ. They trudged through the pain with me. He orchestrated my circumstances, provided for me, and slowly new life began to sprout. That's what He does. I was broken in all kinds of pieces and He was there loving me more than I could love myself. He first chose me; I just responded to what He was offering. It's a place I don't want to forget and a reason I don't want to miss anything He has for me every day. His love and a life we don't deserve is there for all of us, waiting patiently for us to respond to His initiation.


Heavenly Father, how do we begin to understand how much You love us? It's overwhelming to know You loved us before we were born. There is absolutely nothing we can do to make this love diminish. So many of us have been betrayed, forsaken and hurt and we are longing for this kind of relationship that can truly only come from You. Let the scales fall from our eyes today and see who You are. May the hearts of Your bride be forever changed this week in understanding the truth of this kind of love . Amen.



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