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Picture Scripture- Week 6: Soldier (armored boots)

October 9, 2018

Picture: Soldier (armored boots)

Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-15 (emphasis on v.15); Psalm 18:29-36; Isaiah 61:1; Romans 16:20


It’s time to rise and shine, ladies. Get up! Get your boots on!! Not just any shoes or boots, not tennis shoes, high heels, flip flops or even, cowboy boots or ankle boots. Today, we are talking about armored boots like a soldier wears. You know, the boots used to pursue and defeat the enemy; and as a result, brings peace and liberty to those held captive. Who doesn’t want to put on those boots???


As we continue reading Ephesians 6 this week, let us be reminded of exactly who we are fighting and that we will need our FULL armor of God for the fight. It’s not going to be an easy fight. But to be fully armed and ready, Ephesians 6:15 clearly states, "For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared."


Proper footwear can make a huge difference, whether you’re going on a run, playing soccer, shopping, or fighting in a war. I read that back in in Paul’s day, soldiers did not have land mines. Instead, they put sharpened spikes just below the surface of the ground, camouflaged with leaves or soft dirt around them. An advancing soldier needed sturdy boots to stop the spikes from penetrating or he would suffer a debilitating injury. He could be wearing the most invincible armor from his head to his ankles, but it wouldn’t do him any good if he couldn’t walk. When your feet hurt badly, you can’t even stand up, much less fight or march. So it was essential for soldiers to wear rugged boots designed for battle.


To stand firm against the enemy, be prepared by putting on the boots of the gospel of peace. Then, soldier, be ready to march.



As believers, we should always be ready to not just share the Gospel with others, but we also need to stand firm in our faith.


Do you have your boots on? Without them you are not prepared to stand firm against the enemy. Be prepared with the boots of the Gospel. Be in God’s Word and be ready to share with others who need God’s peace and love. In so doing, you will enjoy God’s peace as well.



Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray in thanksgiving not just for my closet filled with shoes and clothing that will cover me from head to toe, but I am especially thankful for my strong, sturdy boots that protect me, give me strength and prepare me to fight my enemy. I ask that you continue to equip me with feet fitted with the readiness that comes from your Words, the Gospel of Peace, the Good News. May I always take the time to put on my boots and lace them tightly. I truly want to be filled with You and reflect You in my words and actions, that through me others may be drawn one step closer to You.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen



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